Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Working together

Grace and I went up to Suchitoto yesterday to see the new house and it is looking delightful. We took up the potted plants from the garden here and set them in the patio underneath the nance tree and limon. The nance fruits are falling right now, and here's a bag full of them, about the size of large cherries - you eat them after they've fallen, when they're dark red/maroon; they're sweet and a little chewy, and they're one of the many fruits here you won't find in a U.S. supermarket.

Then we headed back to the city and got to work on sorting and packing.

One of the great, and greatly undervalued, joys of life is working together with someone. I've been delighting in working with Grace these past few days as we search the depths of the cupboards, decide on the right destination for obscure objects (an exercise ball that can't be blown up because the stopper is missing; a can of dried and hardened spackle; the top to an electric fry pan - but not the bottom). Sorting and packing/discarding this by myself would be tedious and dusty and a little gloomy. Sorting and packing with Grace is fun and dusty and cheerful. It is so good to be part of a community of friends!

The discarding part is easy: you put things out on the sidewalk, and if they are of any interest to anyone they disappear. If they don't disappear, they'll be picked up by the trash collection tomorrow. Recycling is more a way of life here than a government program.

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