Sunday, May 31, 2009

Views of Suchitoto

So much is going on right now - on the national level, tomorrow is the inauguration of Mauricio Funes, the first FMLN President of El Salvador, and it's going to be a very big day, and a very big celebration in the capital and in Suchitoto, which has long had FMLN Mayors. On the personal level, early Tuesday morning I'll be turning my back on the unpacking and arranging that still needs doing in this house and heading to Antigua, Guatemala for a month of Spanish studies.

There's so much I'd like to talk about, but I'm short on time, so I was delighted when my friend Patti said she'd like to see more photos of Suchitoto and I walked out with the camera. It's Sunday night, and people are relaxing, sitting in their doorways or getting ice cream down at the plaza or sitting around the fountain which wasn't playing tonight. My next door neighbors are in the bottom photo. This is a friendly place where everybody seems connected to everybody else. I've only been here a week, but I'll miss Suchitoto when I'm in Antigua. I'll be here blogging when I can, but probably not very often.

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  1. I very much like that first picture with the silhouette of the colonial church against the sky.