Friday, May 15, 2009

Lights and ladders

Armando came over today to take down the two big ceiling fans that have kept our upstairs area cool. Armando is a friend of Sr. Eleanor from a long time back - he lived in El Despertar, with Jesuit Refugee Services during the Civil War years while receiving treatment for injuries. Currently he lives with his wife and daughter in Zamorano, Usulutan, and puts together sound systems for bands or churches.

Armando helped install the fans back in 2001, and he understands electricity. But we were almost done in because our ladder, which is quite tall enough to terrify me (ladders paralyze me), was not tall enough to reach the high ceiling fan in our upstairs office. We got creative, and built a little pyramid with a table and the ladder. Grace and I held the ladder and prayed while Armando took down the fan (and prayed) and we were all sweating buckets because it was hot and humid.

Then the rains came, and we had beer and pizza, and all was well. The movers (Suchitoto guys with a truck) come next Tuesday, and they'll find us ready. All we have left to pack now is the kitchen. The way it is here, you bring everything into a house you rent - ceiling fans, stove, refrigerator, blinds, even cupboards. This house, which has been the PazSalud Base House for nine years, will soon be an empty shell.

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