Sunday, May 24, 2009

In Suchitoto

First night in the Suchitoto house, and it's a good place to spend the night. The buses that rumble up the street on their way out of town can hardly be heard from the bedrooms in the back of the house. There's only one rooster in my immediate area, and he doesn't get going until 4 am. A lot of geckos are working on keeping the mosquito population down. It's hotter in Suchitoto than in San Salvador, but the nights are still cool. No bats appeared.

No oven or refrigerator in the house as yet (that comes Monday), so I invited Marta, who's been doing a magnificent job of cleaning and organizing the house, and her niece Cresaida to dinner. We walked out at 7 pm to get pupusas and tacos at El Gringo (a Salvadoran-Mexican restaurant run by a Gringo-Salvadoran guy named Roberto) and it was great to walk through the well-lighted streets, three women out at night. This isn't a safe thing to do in San Salvador.

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