Sunday, May 24, 2009


Grace flew home Saturday, and I'm finding finishing up the last ends of packing dreary on my own. I'm surely grateful for two weeks of help in this process, and for Grace's cheerful presence. And I'm glad we had a bit of fun along the way.

Now it's time to undo the electronics - a complicated lot, most of which will not be used in the Suchitoto house as we've found a simpler way to connect me up to the PeaceHealth network. I'll be offline for a while - not too long, I hope!


  1. Hey Susan! Hope you get connected soon and I'm glad to hear you are in Suchitoto. Kristin has arrived in DC and Jean today so we plunge into meetings tomorrow! Stay tuned!

  2. Hey Susan! I hope you get wired soon and I'm glad you are now in Suchitoto. Kristin arrived yesterday and Jean today so we will plunge into meetings tomorrow. Stay tuned!