Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Almost (again)

I almost live in Suchitoto - furniture, clothes, books, dishes are mostly there, two truckloads with Carlos and Israel today - but Grace and I are in the San Salvador house for two more days. The eye surgery patients have their final checkup with Dra. de Burgos tomorrow and Friday, and I'll be there with reading glasses for all who need them, and to see everyone again. Grace returns to Bellevue on Saturday, and I'll head up to Suchi then to start unpacking, sorting, arranging - the fun end of moving. The final load, including stove and refrigerator, comes Monday.

Coming out of Suchitoto today we had to manuever slowly through a herd of cattle that were owning the road, and all along the way horses and cattle and goats were tethered along the side of the highway, getting fat off the new growth from the beginning of the rainy season. It's good to be (almost) here.

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