Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hidden things

The key to the filing cabinet is somewhere - I very carefully put it somewhere so I could be sure to find it. And then forgot where the somewhere is. Unpacking is a chaotic experience. Yesterday I hunted all over the house for a bandaid for the Amnet technician who'd cut his finger while putting in the internet and cable and telephone. Ended up with gauze pads and tape. Today I knew exactly where the bandaids were.

The house is beginning to emerge - here are photos of the sala (living room), comedor (dining room), the chapel, which will double as an extra bedroom, and the patio. The house is big, welcoming, and very Salvadoran and I love it. The biggest challenge is having no closets, but today, walking down the street, I saw an excellent contraption of plastic covered wire for sale that will offer somewhere to hang clothes. Armando did a great job of connecting the fans today, so the air is moving. And the accumulated tiredness of three weeks of moving has caught up with me. I'm headed for bed.

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