Sunday, May 10, 2009

A gathering of friends

Grace and I went to the Crypt of the Cathedral in El Salvador's Centro for Mass today, heard a fine and fiery homily that dealt, among other things, with the church's failure to treat women equally - a good Mother's Day message! And we met with Estela Garcia, who came to lunch with her daughter Susy, both long-time friends of Grace, Eleanor, Margaret Byrne, and others in our community. Here's Estela, Grace and Susy in our living room.

You couldn't find a much better example of a mother than Estela. Widowed during the Civil War, she has raised Susy on her own and helped her get all the way through college. She's someone you know you could depend on in your darkest hour; her kindness, common sense, and joy in living bring joy to those around her. After our lunch, Estela and Susy went to the hospital to visit Estela's mother, who's been there for a couple of weeks, and to bring her Mother's Day flowers.

Happy Mother's Day, feliz dia de la madre!

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