Friday, December 26, 2008

¡Ya me voy!

Ya me voy - I'm leaving now....I'm at an airport hotel, making sure I get on that plane tomorrow and don't get trapped by another snowstorm, ice floe, or slush pond. It took 6 people, many with shovels, to get Linda and her 4-wheel drive vehicle, which was kindly transporting me to the hotel, out of the parking lot today - but I just added a Salvador weather widget to my iGoogle, and it tells me that right now it's 73 in San Salvador, down from today's sunny high of 89. No wind, some clouds. Sounds like a delightful contrast!

I won't be blogging much in the next ten days - I'm going to be travelling and relaxing with Andrea and Beth, the two Sisters with whom I've shared Province leadership over these past six years.

One last note - I found out today that my sore shoulder is probably a frozen shoulder and a rotator cuff tear - will get an MRI in San Salvador to confirm this diagnosis from my chiropractor. Lots of unpleasant rehab lies ahead!

But for now: another world beckons. Ya me voy.

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