Monday, December 15, 2008

Tangling with doors

It's been the weekend for moving, not blogging, and tonight I'm in my small and cozy room in Cusack Hall - this will be my home base when I'm visiting Seattle/Bellevue from El Salvador. Getting here took most of the weekend and all of today: taking things out of cupboards and drawers and sorting them into five piles: trash, Goodwill, my room in Cusack, my downstairs closet, or El Salvador. Sometimes the piles spilled into each other or got tangled, but mostly I was very glad to be in the business of sorting. Glad because on Saturday I opened the overhead door of an unused garage, thrust my worm bin in so it wouldn't freeze, and then heard a loud crack - the ancient spring that makes the door open easily had parted from its mooring, and the very heavy, very inert door came down on my shoulder with a crash. I came too close to getting closed in the garage with the worm bin (I love having worms eat my garbage, but they are not great companions) on a very, very cold night. I just managed to wiggle my way out - er, worm my way out? - letting the door fall behind me. Hope someone will help me retrieve the worms again, as they're supposed to travel to their new garbage source next weekend. I'm not opening that door again!

I hope that's the last catastrophe before I leave for El Salvador in 12 days!

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  1. It will be interesting to hear of your experiences in El salvador.