Friday, December 19, 2008

Another Car-tastrophe

Troubles and catastrophes, my friend Lindy reminded me, always come in threes: yes, I'm sorry to say that my car has made the acquaintance of a new set of laurel shrubs. Tried to drive up our icy and quite steep driveway today (I'm not entirely sure why) and almost got there, but backsliding occurred (literal, not ecclesiastical), and I found myself leaping out of the car as it slid gently into the embrace of the laurels on the side of the road. As far as I can tell, both side mirrors are still intact, and the car is going to stay where it is, safely off the side of the road, until Bob gets in on Monday with the truck and tows it out. Too many calls going out to AAA today, and I don't, in truth, really need to go anywhere, except into my files and suitcases, until Tuesday.

So I'm done now: no more catastrophes, please. We're supposed to get a whopper of a storm tomorrow on top of all the ice and snow already clogging our streets. Hope we come through it with the power still on!

Snow or no snow, I'm heading to the tropics in 8 days.


  1. Susan, isn't life exciting? Even sliding on your driveway can be an adventure for you. Just wait until the brilliant, tropical (ice-free) world of El Salvador greets you! I can hardly wait to read of your continuing adventures.
    Living here in peace in the small-mountained east where we are getting snowy left coast leftovers... Lindy

  2. My heart is with you. It is muhch the same here with about 10 inches of snow around pdx