Saturday, December 20, 2008


We're having a true Advent experience here at St. Mary-on-the-Lake, isolated from the normal pre-Christmas world of shopping and parties by the snow that has already fallen, the ice that has already formed, watching fresh snow fall and waiting for the winds that have been forecast, the freezing rain that might happen tomorrow, hoping the lights and heat stay on. It's good to go through this with our cheerful sisters and the great staff people who've given up their ordinary lives to nurse and feed us (they are mostly staying the night in spare rooms here). It's good to be a community of lovers and believers, waiting for the light.

While it's hard to believe that I'll be in the tropics IN JUST ONE WEEK, I checked the weather report for San Salvador, and it's 79 to 86 as the high during the day, going down to 58-62 at night, sunny with occasional clouds. All week long, all month long. On December 21st, the shortest day in the year, the sun rises in San Salvador at 6:15 AM and sets at 5:35 PM; on June 21st, the longest day in the year, the sun rises at 5:31 AM and sets at 6:27 PM. It never snows. And I'm waiting.

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