Monday, December 1, 2008

Can it really be December?

I've hit the slow and slogging part of preparing to move... dealing with a 6-year backlog of digital and physical files from my work as our Province Secretary, Treasurer, Communications Director and Associate Co-Director. The files feel, at this point, endless, and there's a considerable temptation to do A LOT of deleting.

In the midst of all that slogging, we had the unexpected joy of a sunny and fairly warm winter day in Seattle and Bellevue, and the sun called me out for a walk. Most of the leaves are gone, and the ground's saturated with rainwater, but I found a clump of herb robert (see the photo - herb robert gets treated like a weed, and like any good weed it will take every opportunity to bloom and spread itself) blooming happily, a wonderful sight in December, and the towers of downtown Seattle were misty in the distance, with the Olympic Mountains just showing further to the west.

Eleanor e-mailed to tell me that it's very pleasant right now in San Salvador. I'll find out for myself in only 26 days.

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  1. I did this all by myself (almost), albeit on Pat's computer. I'll go home and send one from my very own machine.