Friday, December 5, 2008

In Three Weeks

In three weeks I'll be in the tropics, looking at fruit stands filled with bananas and mangoes, wearing summer clothes. I have to remind myself, because at this moment at the end of a long chilly gray day the tropics seem unlikely.

I was in a meeting today where I kept opening the windows because I was hot, and one of the men at the meeting asked me how I was going to manage the heat of El Salvador if I was being stifled by a warm room in Bellevue.

Good question. I'll take lots of naps, I said. Ah, the siesta! Not, in truth, a custom in El Salvador, but then, I won't be working in an office, and if I get my day's tasks done in the morning, who's to say no to a pleasant siesta in the heat of the afternoon?

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