Sunday, December 28, 2008

In El Salvador

Just a quick note to say that I'm here in El Salvador - I came in last night, Beth and Andrea arrived this morning with more of my baggage. It's beautifully warm, beautifully sunny, and this new adventure will continue this afternoon as Andrea, Beth and I begin a few days of vacation on the Ruta de los Flores - Route of the Flowers - a string of beautiful villages in Sonsonate.


  1. Congratulations, dear Susan!
    Please have mercy on us in the future and do not sing the weather report from there to high heaven. I cannot bear to know it is 73 degrees and sunny right now.
    Enjoy your vacation and give my love to Andrea and Beth. When will they begin blogging, I wonder?
    Blessings of Winter Peace,

  2. Gracias a Dios! I'm so glad to hear you, Andrea and Beth have all arrived. When I go to the office tomorrow I'm going to avoid walking in the west hallway so that your absence will, perhaps, seem less real. Instead, in the east hallway we will rejoice at your presence in El Salvador and send blessing for a much needed playtime! Bien viaje!----Coralie

  3. Glad you're there safely! The snow is all melted in Portland by the way as of this morning.