Monday, December 22, 2008


As a result, I suspect, of that garage door falling on my shoulder last week my left shoulder has been increasingly painful, and - isolated in our winter wonderland - I've sought out treatment from some wonderful CSJP practitioners - a nurse practitioner who gave me a wonderful therapeutic massage the next day, a Doctor of Oriental Medicine who gave me an expert acupuncture treatment and Korean herbal medication, and a nurse who gave me healing touch and aromatherapy treatments. Each of these was wonderful and took away the pain. But it has kept coming back, and I've had to sleep sitting up in a chair the last three nights, which leads all of my experts to tell me I need to get an X-Ray to check for tears or damage before I head to El Salvador. And it's the 22nd of December, five days before I leave for El Salvador, and we're still snowbound. Check back, dear readers, for the rest of the story.

P.S. My car was towed today - back to the exact same place it started from, all systems humming, no damage visible. Our large property has now collected 4 or 5 more stuck cars. Bob keeps towing them patiently out, and then the next driver comes along and lands in the ditch. We are NOT good at snow in Seattle.

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