Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Things to take back

My stock of things-to-take-back is getting big and complicated. This wheelchair is headed to Comasagua, where it's going to give a little more mobility to a housebound woman. It's a gift from the Bellingham Lions Club, brought here to St. Mary-on-the-Lake by Ken and Janet Henderson as they headed to the airport for a trip to Nicaragua.

It's beginning to sound like one of those terrible counting games where you have to remember a long string of unrelated items: 21 bottles of vitamins, a jar of ginger marmalade (thank you to Sister Joan Holliday!), Titebond III wood glue (for sculptor Miguel Martino), a wheelchair and three apostillated doctor's licenses. And there's more to come! May it all, somehow, fit on the plane come Sunday.

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