Sunday, March 28, 2010

New voices in Suchitoto

Last night Margaret Jane (newly back from New Jersey) and I went to the Centro Arte para la Paz for the presentation of Voces de los Cerros, Voices of the Hills, a collective theatrical work created by Suchitoto youth working with a group of theatre professionals from the Shakespeare Festival of Stratford, Ontario.

It was a glorious presentation. Using every angle of a simple wooden stage, the actors leapt, danced, talked and sang a saga involving the gods, hunters, tricksters and villagers. Beautifully staged, it showed off the talents and abilities of Suchitoto's young people, polished to production level in only six weeks.

We're promised more to come: Suchitoto Stratford: ESARTES is a new school of theatrical arts here, and will be adding its luster to Suchitoto's reputation as an arts center.

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