Wednesday, March 24, 2010

In Suchitoto

I'm back in Suchitoto - Peggy O'Neill kindly picked me up at the airport and we drove north through the usual crowds of kids getting out of school, guys with trucks, guys working on the road, women making dinner at the roadside, dogs and chickens and buses and overloaded trucks - I knew I was in El Salvador! I had no trouble at all with customs, they waved me through, disregarding the fact that I was wheeling the wheelchair rather than riding in it.

The house looks great, shiny clean, and the garden is entirely happy (the lemon tree is thick with young green lemons and the hibiscus is working on a flower).

This morning I'm driving to the capital to take part in a Mass and procession honoring Oscar Romero. I'm very glad to be here for this 30th anniversary of his assassination.

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