Sunday, March 7, 2010

Padre Oscar

I've been mindful yesterday and today of a grand celebration in Suchitoto - Oscar Alfaro Melgar has been ordained, and, as Padre Oscar, is just now in the middle of celebrating his first Mass. Padre Oscar is the younger brother of Martha who keeps our Suchitoto house in beautiful order, and the whole family has been praying and preparing for this special day for a long time.

Padre Oscar's parish, San Nicolas Lempa, is far from Suchitoto, but he asked to be ordained in his home town, to share the joy of this day with his Suchitotense family and friends. His bishop was agreeable, and Suchitoto is always ready to have a fiesta. The celebration yesterday included an almuerzo (luncheon) for 100 at the Centro Arte para la Paz, chicken for most everybody else in the parish, bucketloads of tamales, and - I can hear them in my mind's ear - plenty of firecrackers.

I wish I could have been there, but Marta has promised to show me photos. Meanwhile, I've been visiting the Tacoma home of my friend Patti Moore and getting an advance tour of the house in rural Pierce County that she and her husband are fixing up. I'm about to go to church with Patti, and will be praying in thanksgiving for the gift of Padre Oscar to the people of El Salvador. May the spirit and courage of Monsenor Oscar Romero be his.

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