Saturday, February 7, 2009

Waiting for the mission group to arrive

I've ironed 10 shirts (one for each day of our mission group's time here) and 7 pairs of pants. I walked down to Office Depot (yes, the same one) today to get masking tape and double sided tape and batteries, little extra needs that came up as Eleanor and I reviewed the tubs full of supplies.

The supplies we keep here in big plastic covered tubs between mission groups are the obvious things - equipment for the eye exams, blood pressure cuffs and stethoscopes, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, reading glasses and sunglasses, thermometer probe covers, signs, peak flow meters, power strips, shower curtains and clips to create privacy areas, an electric frypan and salt (used by the optician to adjust glasses fit), tongue depressors, baby wipes, vinyl gloves, rope, and more. To these we've added a large order of medical supplies, including speculums, and a large order of medications from the Archdiocesan supply house (we are able to purchase medications from them at a reduced cost because we give them away to the people). All of this will be swept up into a good-sized truck at 7 this evening, and then we will be off to the airport to welcome our 25 members of the PeaceHealth team with all their tubs of medications and equipment. And then the work of this week in Comasagua will begin!

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