Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Tonight is Kathy Garcia's last night on this trip, so we celebrated with coconut ice cream, almond topping and chocolate sauce, a dessert special that's featured on every mission trip. Kathy and Eleanor and I got some good work done after the mission group went home on Monday, some preparation for the eye surgery brigade in October, some work on next year's budget, some thank-you letters. But most of all, we're mindful that this is a time of transition: Kathy's heading back to Eugene now, and Eleanor will be going home in a little more than a week. Me, I'm staying here. Voy a quedarme aqui. I rejoice that I get to continue working with Kathy, and I'm relieved that Eleanor has promised to answer questions via e-mail, but I'm going to miss each of them a lot. This photo from the Comasagua mission shows Eleanor, left, with Bridget Stearns, who was our R.N. and chief-washer-out-of-ears.

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