Friday, February 20, 2009

The beach

James Boyle, one of our translators on the Comasagua mission, stayed on for a few days at the beach, at the Hotel Roca Sunzal, and gave us a wonderful excuse to drive down for lunch and a walk on the beach. I've been in El Salvador for almost two months now, and the Pacific Ocean is within a 45 minute drive, so it's about time I got there. The Roca Sunzal is familiar because our Tamanique mission group - which I was part of - stayed there, very happily, two years ago. It's a black sand beach and an area beloved by surfers. Large birds flew grandly overhead and refused to identify themselves. Young men leapt dangerously from the Roca, an odd and imposing cobblestone formation, and lived to tell the tale. Children successfully sold us bracelets, but we didn't give the mariachi band that showed up at the end of lunch any encouragement, so they walked on down the beach. Palm trees waved in the wind. A daddy and his daughter meticulously covered their mother with sand. A few surfers caught waves for long, elegant rides. We walked at the edge of the waves.

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