Sunday, November 23, 2008

How long?

Almost everyone has the same two questions to ask me about my coming time in El Salvador: how long are you going to be there? and how's your Spanish?

How long? There's no time set for this mission. How long I'll be in El Salvador depends on so many things - PeaceHealth's continued involvement with the mission, my own health, the needs of my Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace community - but I hope it will be a good long time, a few good years.

And the Spanish? Well, it's one of my life goals to become really fluent, and I figure that living in a Spanish-speaking country is the best possible way. At present, I'm maybe at an upper-intermediate level (decent vocabulary, lousy grammar) and I figure that on the long path to fluency one of my best gifts to the Salvadoran people will be the unintended humor of all the words and phrases I get just a little wrong.

I'll find out about all of that in just 35 days.

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