Sunday, November 2, 2008

Family party

I've started into the two months I've kept free to organize, so that when I get on that plane on for San Salvador on December 27th my bags will be packed and I'll be ready to go... There are some tedious chores like health care visits and sorting out the office, but first I invited all my family to come to dinner at our new Peace and Spirituality Center - which meant a weekend of cooking, transporting, setting up, cooking some more (why did I do this, I muttered to myself), and then they all came in, and I remembered why. I'm blessed to be part of a family that's generous, warm, real and a lot of fun to be with, and I'm blessed that my sister Kathy came over early to spend the afternoon helping me cook (triply blessed that she enjoyed it), and I'm blessed that a bunch of them stuck around to make sure everything was cleaned up before they left.

Wish they'd eaten more, though! I inherited from my Dad a strong drive to over-provide, and I now have a refrigerator full of more leftovers than I can manage in a week. A challenge...

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