Tuesday, November 18, 2008

40 Days to El Salvador

In just 40 days, I'll be getting on a plane for El Salvador! What's a bit horrifying is the amount of work - sorting, organizing, moving, giving away - that has to happen both in my office and in the little cabin I've been living in for the past five years before that blessed day.

I've moved so often - I think my last count was 36 moves in my lifetime, so this will be #37 - that you'd think it would all be second nature by now. Alas, no. But all those moves have left me with a strong belief that I will, somehow, get through it all, not perfectly, but well enough.

I was astonished to find this suitcase photographed on the web because it looks exactly like the old leather suitcase that my family used during our years in Bremerhaven, Germany - and our suitcase was also plastered with stickers from many European hotels. It's a good reminder that I grew up packing - and unpacking - and know well how to unmake a home, and then how to make myself at home in a new place.

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