Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Blessing the work

This morning I wrote notes to the 13 CSJPs who have been raised up as possible members of our new Congregation Leadership Team. They'll be meeting in New Jersey this coming weekend to discern who feels called to move forward to the Chapter of Elections in January, 2009 when the final team of five will be chosen. I wrote to thank them for their willingness to come to this time, and I wrote to bless them in their work.

I love the process of discernment, which to me basically means calling the Spirit and the community, the gathered wisdom of a group, into a life decision. Entering into discernment, you acknowledge that you don't have all the wisdom, that others can help you see more clearly your own gifts, and your own shadow. So I'm praying for that collected wisdom to be present with all our 13 Sisters this weekend.

And it's 39 days before my move to El Salvador.

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