Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Villanueva, Wednesday, more photos, a few words

Today we're sharing the work with a travelling clinic - dentistry and general medicine - from Fosalud, the national health program.  And we've been glad to see them, even though it complicates the logistics a bit, because yesterday we stretched to see all the patients who'd come and didn't get away until after 7 PM.  We've seen many people with common complaint - stress, trouble sleeping, muscular aches, headaches - and a few special and difficult cases.  Sister Amalia and I talked with a woman troubled and depressed from childhood sexual abuse - we'll try to connect her with the Cuidad Mujer (woman city) project where psychotherapy is available.  We met some children with very special needs who'll we try to connect with programs in San Salvador. 

Ah but here are the pictures - not the greatest, but still worth many words:

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