Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Villanueva, Tuesday

I'd love to give you some of those worth-1000-words pictures, but Í'm using Ayagualo's computer, and can't get to my photos.  Yesterday and today have been full and overflowing - we´ve seen some 650 patients so far, with lots and lots of them needing special attention or a reference into the national health care system.  Our hearts are overflowing with the stories we´ve heard and shared.  And then there´ve been a few cases of just overflowing, as some Salvadoran bacteria tangled with our gringo systems.  It´s been very hot in Villanueva, which makes the return to Ayagualo (not until 7:30 tonight) and the cooler breezes on this hilltop a great joy. 

For another view of our mission week, go to http://wwwpeacehealthorgpaz-salud.blogspot.com/ to read about the experience from the point of view of Barbara, our photo-journalist.

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