Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Feliz Dia de Amistad

Feliz Dia de Amistad, or Happy Valentine's Day...  I'm more than happy as I look back on our week in San José Villanueva and on the good work of our team.  We saw 1650 patients, most for two or three consults, gave out vitamins and toothbrushes to all, and gave medications and glasses to those who needed them.  We helped five patients in serious conditions, including one pregnant woman in the 9th month who hadn't received any prenatal care, to get to the hospital, and we must have given references for specialized care or further testing to at least 100 others. 

We had a wonderful time together, too - it's amazing that each time our group becomes a living team in about a day, and works together in complete harmony throughout the week.  Of course, as Kathy and I say, it's only the best people who choose to give up a week of their time to work with strangers in a hot and unfamiliar country.  Those strangers - well, long before the end of the week, they felt like friends and family. 

Here are two photos that tell the story of what this week was all about: above a little boy happily wraps himself around a big box of nutritional supplement.  Knowing that malnutrition among children was a major problem in Villanueva, we brought lots and lots of infant formula and supplements.   Below, our volunteer Leann makes friends with a Villanueva family.

Those are great moments to remember on this day celebrating love and friendship.

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  1. Querida hermana, le escribo en Espanol por que se que me expreso mejor y las traducciones a veces salen confusas. La experiencia de Villanueva siento que me transformo, que me hizo sentir otras atmosferas que no conocia...es dificil expresar lo que siento en forma comunicable, Pero me siento completo por haber voluntariado en Villanueva para gente humilde, amigable, digna, del campo y de espiritu claro, que se siente.... bueno hermana ahora un abrazo de amistad.
    Fidel Guerra.