Monday, June 21, 2010

Guests, expected and unexpected

My expected guests this weekend were Dra. Ana Vilma de Burgos, her husband Ernesto and their daughter Camila. Ana Vilma has been our host ophthalmologist (there's a word to spell!) for our eye surgery missions in 2007, 2009 and 2010, and she has been wonderful and generous to us and to our patients. It was great to welcome them to the house for lunch and to Suchitoto - though every fly in town seemed to have decided to visit as well, probably because I had been cooking through the morning and had put all these interesting smells in the air. We waved one hand in the air to keep the flies away and ate with the other, and enjoyed conversation, some of it in English, as Ana Vilma is fluent and Camila is studying English in the American School of San Salvador.

My unexpected guest showed up later that evening, during a downpour. I looked out from my bedroom door and saw the unmistakable shape of a frog or toad hopping across my patio. I have no idea how he could have got there - the patio's surrounded on all sides by high walls - or where he could have gone, as there was no sign of him the next morning. But there he was, beyond question, part of the wild life that keeps reminding me I'm living in the tropics.

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