Saturday, June 5, 2010

Founder's Day

For the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace, today is Founders Day, the day we celebrate our founder, Margaret Anna Cusack, a woman of courage who experienced much conflict in her life, and longed for the gift and blessing of peace. Two special celebrations mark her day this year: our new website has been formally launched, and you can learn more about us and about Margaret Anna Cusack there. And in the western U.S., we celebrated Jubilees today, honoring the commitment, faithfulness and contributions of our eight Jubilarians.

Instead of joining in the celebration, I put Margaret Jane on the plane for New Jersey today - she'll be there for six weeks - and came home to a house that feels very big and very quiet with just me in it. Though, come to think of it, quiet is never long-lasting here, and even now I can hear the kids playing in the street and the buses rumbling past.

I can't be there in person with Cecilia Marie (80 years!), Rita Mary (75 years), Rose Marie and Mary (60 years), and Barbara, Jo-Anne, Margaret and Marilee (50 years), but I'm surely there in spirit with these great sisters of mine. May they each know themselves cherished today and every day. Happy Feast Day!

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  1. "80 years" as in 80 years a sister? (If so, !! indeed!)

    (By way of introduction, I'm a former student of Sister Peggy's from the Center for Global Ed semester program. In a few weeks - toward the end of July - I'll be arriving in Suchitoto to work at the Center. I've been lurking here and living vicariously through your blog for a while now. It was especially helpful while writing my undergrad thesis on liberation theology! I look forward to meeting you soon!)