Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The church floor

I've been admiring the tiled floor of Santa Lucia, our parish church in Suchitoto, for a long time. The tiling makes a carpet of color down the central aisle, and - what's most surprising - it's not a single pattern, but a slightly different pattern in each row. All the rows use the same set of tile colors: dark red, gold, green, brown, white, but each row is unique in its design. The tiles are chipped and worn, but they still make a beautiful carpet. (I wish the photo was better - my camera doesn't do its best in the low light of the church interior).

It's good to think of the tile setters who could have just chosen one pattern and kept repeating it - so much easier that way - but instead must have looked at their tiles and said, each time, now what can we do with this row? What would look good here? And they made a carpet of tiles to glorify God.

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