Friday, April 30, 2010

Waking up in Suchitoto

I'm back home in Suchitoto - came back with the remnants of a cold still clinging to me and spent almost all day yesterday in bed. This morning, though, with plenty of errands and a trip to the capital city pending, I climbed out of bed, washed my clothes, said good morning to Margaret Jane and was getting ready for breakfast when I heard the unmistakable sound of drums coming up our street. Opened the door, and there was today's parade, the entire student body of the Centro Escolar Ana Dolores Arias - Suchitoto's public girls' school - with banners, drums, flowers, and a few little girls in fancy dresses (most were wearing their school uniforms). I have no idea what the purpose of the parade was, but what a delight to come back to a town where the morning's disruption is a parade. And while the appalling toll of human tragedies in El Salvador continues to mount - I learned today that the mother of a Salvadoran doctor who has worked with us was recently killed, another victim of the senseless violence that racks this country - the parades and fiestas, the evidence of the love of life and community that is so strong here, gives me hope.

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