Saturday, April 24, 2010

A day in the City

Yesterday Eleanor Gilmore and I took advantage being here before the meetings started to enjoy being tourist in New York in April sunshine. I'd never been to St. Patrick Cathedral, so we started there and had the bliss of wandering from altar to altar while a choir treated us to sacred music a capella - preceded and followed by the most glorious organ music from an organ big enough to fill and overflow that enormous space. We went on to ramble through Central Park and gawk at the Dakota, a grand apartment building that I've often read about - most notably in Jack Finney's wonderful Time and Again. We ate lunch in a Scottish pub and gelato in Central Park, and had a grand day. I'd love to spend years exploring New York City, but that time seems unlikely to come my way. Today, in breaks from our meeting, I contented myself with looking across the Hudson past the George Washington Bridge toward the towers of Manhattan, toward that great city that captures and humbles the imagination.

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