Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Home again

Four good days of meetings concluded - we managed a strategic overview of communications for the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace, and set out a plan for a new bi-annual journal that will begin this fall - it's time to get on the plane and head south. It feels, somehow, a bit stranger to be going home to Suchitoto from Englewood Cliffs than from my familiar room at St. Mary-on-the-Lake in Bellevue.

I've been sneezing, honking and dripping my way through a cold, probably caught on my way up, that I hope is past the transmissable stage. Sympathy to all those who will be sitting anywhere near me on the plane - though I'm going to take a strong antihistamine in hopes of reducing the drip.

I return with many envelopes for Margaret Jane, carrying the love of her sisters and a few donations to her teaching ministry. It's been great to see how valued our missions in El Salvador and Haiti are to our community here at home.

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