Sunday, January 3, 2010

Welcoming 2010

New Year's Eve was party time - Peggy and I were both invited to a party at Martha's house to celebrate Josue turning seven. All the necessary elements were in place - tamales and chicken sandwiches, orange drink, not one but two piñatas filled with candy, a glorious cake topped with fruit, a recording of the Happy Birthday song in English and Spanish, a recording of Las Mañanitas - the Latino birthday song, a few birthday presents, lots of family members, and a great collection of kids from the neighborhood. The piñatas were well and truly whomped - that's Diego taking his turn in the photo. One very special visitor was Tio Oscar, in the center in the bottom photo, who will be ordained as a priest this March. He's standing with his brother Hernan and Hernan's daughter Crisseyda - oh yes, and the family parrot didn't want to get left out of the photo, he's hanging upside down on the right. Josue is lucky - everyone will always be partying on his birthday!

Later in the evening, I visited Peggy's next-door neighbors, Morena and Alberto, and their family and friends. They live in a beautiful and traditional adobe house with a huge patio in the center, a great place to eat, dance, and welcome the new year. Firecrackers popped and boomed and fizzed for about two or three steady hours, and then it was 2010, 2 AM and time to go to bed.

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