Saturday, September 19, 2009

Thanks to the Lions!

Yesterday, after a great deal of tramites (official business) had been managed by members of the Lions Club of El Salvador, the donations brought in August by Kathy Garcia and Ken Henderson were finally released from the Customs Office. An official from the Department of Health brought the three boxes and the wheelchair to the Lions Club in Santa Tecla, everything was there and in great shape, and the Lions happily presented the A-Scan Ultrasound Probe to Dra. Ana de Burgos, ophthalmologist, and Dra. Soraya Benavidez who accepted it on behalf of San Rafael Hospital (the A-Scan is the machine with a screen that's between the two Doctoras).

Many thanks to the Lions Club for their hard work on this! The experience has certainly taught us that even with small amounts of donated items, in the future we'll be going through the process to obtain a franquisia well in advance of arriving at the airport!

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