Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Goings and Comings

Yesterday I took Peggy O'Neill and three teachers from El Sitio Cenizero, Rosa, Selena and Eva to the airport for their flight to New Jersey. Rosa, Selena and Eva are Associates of Peggy's Sisters of Charity community, and they are joining her in NJ for the celebration of the Sisters' 150th anniversary. The level of excitement in the car was pretty high, as none of the three had ever been in an airplane before. Because of the Independence Day parades, we gave ourselves extra time, a good thing, because a parade in Apopa had us stopped for a good (or bad) half hour. But they're off, and by now they're soaking in the experience of the eastern U.S.

Later in the day, I picked up my friend Pat, standing under the Centro de Atención Turística - Suchitoto sign. Pat, who lives in Santa Fe, is going to be here for a couple of months, and I'm looking forward to exploring more of El Salvador with her.

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