Monday, September 14, 2009

Baby Shower

With Paula Alvarenga still in the hospital - the doctors are waiting as long as possible before giving her a Caesarian section to deliver her baby, who will come into the world with the elegant name Alejandro Emanuel - her family and friends decided to hold the shower anyway, on the very good theory that she's soon going to need those gifts. So I drove down to Soyapango, where following Alex's directions as well as I could didn't do much good - though when I finally called for help, I was at least in the right neighborhood and about 1/4 mile from the house. The house, which belongs to Paula's aunt, slowly filled, mostly with women (like traditional baby showers in the U.S., these are female events) including some very cute babies in frilly dresses and one brand new 3-day-old. We all ate tamales and drank hot cocoa and played silly games (which were even sillier with the mama not there), and Alex and Paula now have a good set of baby clothes and equipment to begin their parenting.

I'm a fairly shy person, and it was hard to make myself get to this event, where Alex would be the only person I knew beforehand. But Salvadorans are friendly and generous people, and they included me with a good will.

Please continue to pray for Paula's health and safe delivery - thank you!

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