Monday, June 8, 2009

Walking Antigua

Antigua is a perfect city for walkers, with beautiful scenes and moments everywhere. I walked out with my camera yesterday, and hope to have images to show someday, but not until I can figure out how and where to download. Meanwhile, a promise of photos to come!

Saturday I went to the market, at Rosa Maria's suggestion - not the Artesania market, which is always open, but the fruit and vegetable (and egg and poultry and cheese and old clothing and...) market which peaks on Saturdays. It's an astonishing place, a city of vendors, pile after pile of tomatoes, cherries, mangoes, huisquil (somewhat like a squash in flavor and use). I went in mid-afternoon and must have walked at least a mile just walking through the market and there were still a city's worth of vegetables waiting to be chosen. What happens to the leftovers? It's a glorious and overwhelming sight.

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