Friday, June 12, 2009

Corpus Cristi

Yesterday began the celebration of Corpus Cristi in Antigua and I began the day feeling a worried and lonely. I think it will always be that way when I want to be part of what's happening with Sisters and friends at home and realize how far away I am. I'd learned that Chero Chuma, a young CSJP Sister from Kenya who is very dear to me, had to travel home because of a mixup with her Visa, and I was worried about her.
But Corpus Cristi shook the worry out of me. I went to the celebration in the Cathedral with Rosi, my teacher, where incense did battle with the gunpowder from the fireworks exploding outside. After Mass we joined the procession, following the host through the streets of Antigua, walking over carpets of pine needles and flowers, listening to the band and admiring the little angelitos. Corpus Cristi, like most festive events in Antigua, involves special food: talluyos, a tamale made with corn and red beans, and tamalitos de combray, a sweet tamale flavored with cinnamon. We enjoyed both, along with a short vacation from the imperfect and preterit tenses. What a perfect way to celebrate the Body and Blood of Christ, with a procession, with a banquet!

So, Chero, I hope you get home in time to celebrate Corpus Cristi with your family, and I hope your new Visa will soon be arranged. And I wish I had been home to give you a hug before you got on the plane, but I wouldn't have wanted to miss yesterday in Antigua.


  1. Even though Latin is not the language of Latin America, as Dan Quayle thought, Corpus Christi is usually spelled with an "h" there. Been there.

  2. Quite right! Apologies - it should be Corpus Christi.