Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Looking at the volcano

I'd recommend to anyone this way to learn a language: four hours a day one-to-one with an experienced teacher. It's a joy to be able to take subjects at my own pace, rather than being part of a class, and it's especially a joy to get to ask Rosa Maria, aka Rosita, some of the millions of questions I have about life in Centroamerica.

We take our daily four hours on the rooftop of the school, looking out at the hills and volcanoes that surround Antigua (there we are at a favorite table). I am constantly distracted by the Volcan de Fuego, the Fire Volcano, that belches out puffs of ash and smoke pretty frequently, but doesn't seem to worry anyone in Antigua (in part, no doubt, because anything that comes out of that volcano heads in a direction away from Antigua). I've been trying to get a good photo of the volcano at work, a challenge because this is the rainy season and the clouds cover it early in the mornings. But today was my day: the sky was clear and the volcano was puffing away and you can see what a fine contribution it makes to my day and my learning.

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