Sunday, March 1, 2009

Me caí

One of the areas where Spanish is a lot more subtle than English is the reflexive which - forgive me, I'm no linguist - takes the responsibility out of the hands of the speaker and puts it on those stubborn things that trip us up. Literally, in this case. Me caí means I tumbled - but with the shading "I was tumbled." And was I ever tumbled.

The house has a winding staircase, and I was coming down it with an electric broom today when - somehow - I was tumbled, and I ended up in an undignified heap at the bottom of the stairs. Left shoulder and arm, right elbow and hip all sporting considerable bruises, but nothing broken, thank God, except the electric broom, which is now in three pieces and headed for the garbage.

In the course of the day, before me caí, I found out that yesterday's immense traffic tie-up was caused by a big event at the national stadium, Flor Blanco, to welcome home and honor the Salvadoran soldiers who fought in Iraq. There probably aren't many in the U.S. who are aware that tiny El Salvador has had an Army unit in Iraq since 2003. The last troops from El Salvador (also the last from Latin America) returned February 7th. "El Salvador says the troops carried out 353 water treatment, education, health care, road and electricity projects"- skills we hope they'll continue to use at home, where they are badly needed.

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  1. Ah, Susan, your shoulder! I am praying for your limbs as you negotiate living alone.
    Happy to report that my lower limbs are terrific. Only 6 weeks after surgery and I am walking without aides, driving to the village and library, no longer need to go to physical therapy! My future of walking outside opens before me.
    I just signed up for a digital photography class offered by the country extension. As I drive around this area I am so inspired by the untouched pastoral beauty I often wish I had a camera and legs. Now the legs have arrived, I own a good camera, so the class begins in April.
    Today we had snow again... every day almost since November. Old timers can't remember when it's been like this. I love it, as an indoor dweller.
    I also just sent for a rain jacket from Lands End Overstock. For some strange reason when I left Seattle I gave away my rain jacket to the two nice Indian men who helped me.
    Now I'll be set for outdoor photography slogging through the wet terrain.
    I am so grateful I will be able to slog once again.

    Please take care dear Tumbling Susan!
    I loved reading your community meeting report. What a grand and wonderful place you have been transplanted in.
    In Peace,