Sunday, March 22, 2009

Island Time

In the past week I've had two island days - a visit to Lopez Island, when Andrea Nenzel and I brought a new computer to Judy Tralnes, seeing trumpeter swans and newborn lambs and the old Center Church along the way, and a visit to Whidbey Island with my sister, Kathy Roben. Kathy and I drove the length of the island, from the ferry dock to the roiling waters of Deception Pass, with stops at Fort Casey and other parks for walks with Dakota, a Chinese Crested pooch being dog-sat by Kathy. The day was sunny, the waters of Puget Sound were still and gray and beautiful. Those islands are two of my favorite places in the world, where the crazy pace of life in the USA seems to quiet down, where there's time for beachcombing and long talks and funny coffee bars with book swaps.

The salt waters that fold around Lopez and Whidbey Islands are the same waters that beat along the beaches of El Salvador - though they're surely warmer waters by the time they get to Central America. Maybe when I go back, I'll take time to visit some of El Salvador's islands and find the rhythm of their island time.

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