Friday, March 20, 2009

Abundance and scarcity

I seem to be accumulating an abundance of things to take back - eyeglasses for 24 Comasagua folk who needed special prescriptions (mostly myopic kids from the school), a laptop for Walther who's going to University in San Salvador, vitamins for Nubia and her family, a set of soccer jerseys from my dental hygienist. Will this all fit inside the small suitcase and backpack I brought back with me? Seems unlikely. I'll have to borrow a big bag.

I'm also noticing the signs of scarcity all around me. Office space for lease, houses for sale everywhere. My friends are planning to work longer, worried about losing their jobs. People are practicing not buying, not consuming. Everyone's wondering how long the recession's going to go on. With all those signs of scarcity, the abundance of gifts I'm bringing back for people in El Salvador is especially meaningful.

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