Friday, July 2, 2010

Water filter does its job

In early May, we brought a Sawyer Water Filter to the San Juan Opico village of Los Granadillas, where it's been well used. The woman who has housed the filter reports that when she backwashed it to clean it, a lot of mud came out of the filter, and everyone said: we used to drink that! Worse than the mud, of course, were the invisible creatures, bacteria, amoeba, parasites, that are also being filtered out.

This week we got the results of a microbial analysis of the water, comparing the filtered water to the tap water residents used to drink. It was just what we hoped to see: the tap water had 110 coliform bacteria per 100 mililiters, the filter had none. And the community is enjoying their clean water, finding the system easy to use.

We've now ordered another 30 filters, and are going to be fund-raising to purchase more for Salvador communities - be forewarned!

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