Thursday, May 13, 2010

Running-around week

I haven't posted for a while, because I've been running around this week, getting ready for our cataract surgery group, arriving Saturday AND for a visit from the Archbishop of San Salvador tomorrow morning. Monseñor Luis Escobar Alas, the Archbishop, has been visiting all the religious communities in his Archdiocese - tomorrow he's visiting the Sisters of Charity (Peggy O'Neill) and the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace. He's arriving at 6 AM to say Mass for us in Peggy's home chapel and then all will come to our house for breakfast (orange juice, coffee, omelets, toast).

It will be an honor to meet Monseñor and to tell him that it has been a joy to work with his staff in the Pastoral de Salud and Pastoral Social, who've been our very effective community organizers on many medical missions.

It has crammed the week a bit, though, to be working on housecleaning and breakfast menus, as well as on last minute purchases and arrangements for the surgical mission. At this point, almost everything is ready, packed, organized - except that, as usual, we are waiting to the last minute to receive our franquisia (permit to import the medications and instruments without paying customs duties). I hope and trust that it will come through, probably tomorrow. But, as everyone says in El Salvador, "Primero Dios," - God first, God willing.

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