Saturday, May 15, 2010

Eye surgery week begins

Getting our franquisia - to import our medications and equipment without paying customs duties - was more of a cliffhanger than ever, as the folk at Customs invented a new twist, requiring an extra seal and signature from the Archdiocese, and by the time we got back to the Archdiocese, those who could sign officially were nowhere to be found. Somehow Licenciada Angela Vasquez, who's charged with getting franquisias through the process, located a signator, and the papers are complete.

I don't know who has the main seal-and-stamp making business in El Salvador, but that would be a very prosperous enterprise here. Every organization has to have its seal, and every transaction has to be stamped, often multiple times.

Soon I'll be off to the airport to pick up our eight volunteers and Kathy Garcia. On Monday we'll begin our surgery week at Hospital San Rafael, in Santa Tecla. I'm told that the Centro Loyola, where we'll be staying during the week, has wireless internet available, so hope to be able to post some photos and stories.

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