Friday, February 12, 2010


Today, after a bit of nail-biting, I acquired the final piece of official paper, the franquisia that allows us to import the medications for our week of clinics without paying customs duty. The storeroom in the house is full, and the boxes have expanded into the two adjacent rooms. I've ironed ten shirts. Time for the group to come!

They're due in tomorrow evening at 8:30 and we'll be there with the permission from the Junta Vigilancia, the franquisia, Hernan's spotless red coaster, and a big truck for baggage and the plastic bins that carry the medications and equipment. Once through customs and loaded up, we'll all be off to Las Brisas del Carmelo, the beautiful retreat house in Santa Tecla that will be our home for the week. And on Sunday we'll show up in San Juan Opico, ready to set up clinics and begin our week with the people of Opico.

I don't know how much opportunity I'll have to post photos or comments during this week, but they surely will appear when time and internet connection allow. This is, among many other things, a most wonderful way to begin Lent, in joyful service to the people of God. May it be a time filled with blessings for all.


  1. Dear Susan
    Best of luck as your group comes in!May the work bring paz y salud to all those involved! That includes you, too!
    prima dewitt

  2. We will pray for this mission and our family pediatrician, Dr. Ann, as you work with so many families there!

    The Peterson family
    Jozlin, Ben, Caden, Melissa & Mark